Gilles Gobeil [Photograph: Isabelle Gardner, March 26, 2006]
Gilles Gobeil [Photograph: Isabelle Gardner, March 26, 2006]

Trois songes

Gilles Gobeil

Feb 15, 2008
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concrète / electroacoustics
  • This album comes out on the label empreintes DIGITALes based in Montréal. Established 1990, this label is widely considered as the world leader in electroacoustics / acousmatics.
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These three pieces could be classified as ‘program music,’ since they are all based on a literary argument.

Ombres, espaces, silences… came from Jacques Lacarrière’s 1975 book Men Possessed by God. Entre les deux rives du printemps is an attempt at setting to music my impressions while reading Part Three of Dante’s great poem The Divine Comedy. Le miroir triste is kind of a ‘cinema for the ear,’ based on an unshot scenario by Andrey Tarkovsky entitled Hoffmanniana (1975).

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