Ned Bouhalassa [Photograph: Brenda Keesal, 2008]
Ned Bouhalassa [Photograph: Brenda Keesal, 2008]


Ned Bouhalassa

Nov 10, 2008
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concrète / electroacoustics
  • 2nd solo album by Montréal-based composer Ned Bouhalassa.
  • Including a work (Urban Cuts) with American poet Fortner Anderson.
  • The composer claims that: “I, a giant, drop an impossibly-large needle and begin to ‘play’ the city.”
  • Aside from electroacoustic composition, Bouhalassa is an active composer of music for films and TV series.
  • His first disc (Aérosol) released on empreintes DIGITALes in 1998 received many elogious critics from around the world.
  • “… a truly breathtaking journey through the world of natural sound manipulation…” (David Ford in Etch on Bouhalassa’s first disc)
  • “… something more eclectic and more modern-sounding […] in a well-developed musical imagination.” (Richard Cochrane in Hollow Ear on Bouhalassa’s first disc)
  • This album comes out on the label empreintes DIGITALes based in Montréal. Established 1990, this label is widely considered as the world leader in electroacoustics / acousmatics.
  • DVD-Audio — Advanced Resolution: Surround 5.1 (MLP 4824) + Stereo (4824) •• DVD-Video [NTSC, multi-region]: Surround 5.1 (Dolby Digital) + Stereo (4824) •• DVD-ROM: MP3 (320 kbps) files

The title of this disc translates to “cityscraper.” In preparing the sonic materials for these pieces, I selected, like a DJ, what I liked out of my large collection of recordings, though in my case, these are recordings of city soundscapes. I then imagined a fantasy, where a gigantic vinyl record’s grooves are replaced by the jagged outline of skyscrapers, and I, a giant, drop an impossibly-large needle and begin to ‘play’ the city. —Ned Bouhalassa

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