Jacques Tremblay [Photograph: Marie-Weslaine Bazile, October 10, 2008]
Jacques Tremblay [Photograph: Marie-Weslaine Bazile, October 10, 2008]

Chroniques d’une séduction

Jacques Tremblay

Nov 28, 2008
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concrète / electroacoustics
  • 2nd solo album by Québec composer Jacques Tremblay.
  • As a composer and classical guitarist, he has been awarded first prizes from music conservatories in Montréal and Lyon.
  • Jacques Tremblay likes to explore various types of approaches, from instrumental music to mixed music and purely electroacoustic music.
  • “… extremely effective in maintaining a languorous, yet musically compelling, texture throughout” by Anna Rubin in Computer Music Journal.
  • This album comes out on the label empreintes DIGITALes based in Montréal. Established 1990, this label is widely considered as the world leader in electroacoustics / acousmatics.

Since I cannot grasp the meaning of the words, my neighbour’s conversation becomes beat, movement, pace. And my listening finds purchase on the musicality of the sound. […] I listen… looking from the inside out… and rather than closing itself up, my perception tries to feed off these sonic imprints. —Jacques Tremblay


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