Cover art: Hans Tutschku
Hans Tutschku [Photograph: Tony Rinaldo, Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), September 10, 2013]
Hans Tutschku [Photograph: Tony Rinaldo, Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), September 10, 2013]

Remembering Japan

Hans Tutschku

  • empreintesdigitales | IMED 22180 | CD
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Nov 18, 2022
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concrète / electroacoustics
  • 3rd solo album by German composer Hans Tutschku living in Spain after residing over a decade in the Boston area (MA, USA).
  • Complete cycle fo 5 acousmatic works.
  • This album comes out on the label empreintes DIGITALes based in Montréal. Established 1990, this label is widely considered as the world leader in electroacoustics / acousmatics.

The 5-part cycle Remembering Japan reflects my impressions of a three-month stay in Japan in 2014. I traveled to very different areas of the country, improvised with musicians, and took countless recordings of daily life, ceremonies, nature, and culture. Each of the five parts, which can also be presented individually, treats the sound material in a specific way…

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